2019 AADE New Orleans Scholarship Guidelines & Application



The American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) has a mission to “promote professionalism and respect within the drilling industry, the community, and the environment in which it co-exists.”  One way that the New Orleans Chapter of AADE fulfills this mission is to offer scholarships to local university students.


Each year, the New Orleans AADE Chapter hosts several industry events to raise funds (and have a little fun!).  After reviewing the net revenues and considering other industry fund commitments, the New Orleans Chapter Board Members approve a total scholarship fund available for the calendar year.   This process varies from chapter to chapter. 


For 2019, applications will be accepted from September 1 – October 25th and recipients are recognized at our holiday social in December.




  • Student must be enrolled in a technical or HSE (Health Safety & Environment) academic discipline at a 4 year or 2 year accredited Louisiana University or College


  • The NO Chapter’s definition of full time is a 12-hour class load (or 9 hour Summer class load) taken in the semester that the student applies.  If the student is not a full time student during the semester when the application is submitted, the application is not accepted.


  • The overall GPA or GPR of the student must total at least a calculated number of 2.5 out of a possible 4.0


  • The applicant must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours.


  • Regrettably, the board considers it too difficult to normalize freshman applications without a recent track record in the university.  Freshman - please study hard, complete 30 hours, and apply next year!

The Scholarship Application and Its Required Attachments


The candidate must return a completed, signed AADE New Orleans Scholarship Application with an unofficial transcript.  The application link is below. The application along with attachments must be submitted to the address and individual(s) listed on the New Orleans AADE Chapter application form.  The application must be signed and dated by the candidate.  When completing the application, consider the following:


  • Although a hand written application will be accepted, it is not preferred. 
  • The application must be completed in English.
  • The attached transcript must be from the last semester attended.
  • If additional pages are needed, they may be attached.
  • All information submitted is maintained as confidential and remains with the New Orleans Chapter.



Information used to determine award recipients


The information in the application will be used by the New Orleans AADE Steering Committee to choose the best candidates for the available funds for that year.  The following items are the most important and should be addressed in the application:


  • GPA
    • The Academic Transcript of your entire university or college record is used to calculate your GPA or GPR and must be included in the package.


  • Although an “official” sealed transcript from the registrar is not necessary and a copy from the college website is acceptable, no self-generated “spreadsheet” or “word document” transcript of your grades will be accepted.


  • Leadership Qualities


  • This is easily demonstrated by listing your role in the AADE Student Section at your university or college or other engineering / safety organizations such as SPE, ASME, NACE, AAPG, ASM, etc. Other extracurricular activities can also be listed.


  • We encourage your work on your student section boards and the committees related to those organizations!!!!!


  • Prior work experience (including research projects and summer work)


  • We would like to know if you have actively started taking part in this industry with summer internships or if you have taken part in financing your own education. 


  • General interest in the petroleum industry. 
    • Include any courses that show interest in drilling engineering or well operations.  We are also interested in hearing how you gained interest in this field and how you see your future career developing.


  • Recommendations
    • A recommendation letter from a faculty member or prior supervisor is encouraged but is not a requirement.



The Selection and Disbursement of Funds


The applications are accepted between September 1 – October 25th.  The applications are reviewed and ranked by the New Orleans AADE Steering Committee which makes recommendations to the Board for approval.  The final recipient list and amounts are approved by the New Orleans AADE board.


After the approval by the New Orleans Chapter Board, the award winners are notified either by email or by phone from the information provided in the application.  Those applicants who are not successful will also be notified by email or by phone. If no phone number or email accompanies the application, the AADE New Orleans Board will make every effort to contact the winners and unsuccessful applicants but the AADE New Orleans Board is not responsible if the information is incorrect or not available.


The award winners will be invited to attend the New Orleans Chapter Christmas Social.  During this social, the award is given to the recipient and pictures are taken. If the award winner is unable to attend the Social, then it is up to the award winner to contact the NO AADE Board to pick up the award. 


It is the responsibility of the award recipient to address any Federal or State Tax Issues related to these monies.  The New Orleans Chapter of AADE is not responsible for submitting the tax paperwork for the individual if required.


Good Luck!!!

Scholarship Application
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2019 Scholarship Guidelines
For downloading. Application deadline has bee extended to October 31, 2018
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