2014 AADE Fluids Technical Conference Papers

Conference Program
AADE 2014 Conference Program FINAL WEB 0[...]
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New Optimized Laboratory Testing Methods to Study the Effectiveness of Surface Modification Agents
Christopher Parton, Philip Nguyen, Loan Vo, and Jessica Heeter (Halliburton)
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Tailoring Thermal, Mechanical, and Physical Properties of Degradable Polymers for Downhole Applications
Feng Liang, B.R. Reddy and Philip Nguyen (Halliburton)
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Acidizing High Temperature Carbonate Reservoirs Using Methanesulfonic Acid: A Coreflood Study
Alexis Ortega and Hisham Nasr-El-Din (Texas A&M University and Shawn Rimassa (BASF)
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High Volume, High Capacity Filtration System for Ultra Deepwater Environments
Edward Rapp (Tetra)
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Characterizing Smart Cement with Sodium Metasilicate for Real Time Monitoring of Ultra-Deepwater Oil Well Cementing Applications
Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan and K. Ali (University of Houston), G. Narvaez (Baker Hughes), D. Richardson and J. Pappas (RPSEA).
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Modeling the Effect of Curing Pressure on the Viscosity Evolution of Oilwell Cement –
Xueyu Pang, Pauline Otieno and Gary Funkhouser (Halliburton).
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A Formulated Silicate-Based Preflush & Spacer for Improved Wellbore Cleaning and Wetting
Michael McDonald and Xianglian Li (PQ) and Brian Lim (Magnum).
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Waste Recycled Glass Powder as a Pozzolanic Additive for Cementing Oil Well
Vandana Pandey, Rahul Patil, Dibyadarshani Senapati and Sheetal Singh (Halliburton).
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Drilling Fluids WB

Prediction of Frictional Pressure Losses for Time Dependent Drilling Fluids in Pipe Flow
Olufolahanmi Olusola (Tetra), Tan Nguyen (NM Inst Mining & Tech), A. Saasen (Det Norske/Univ of Stavanger) and E. Al-Safran (Kuwait Univ).
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Field Results for Encapsulated Oil as an Additive to Water-Based Drilling Fluids
P. Johnson (Fidelity), A. Rea (ARC Fluid Technologies), A. Coragliotti, C. DiCicco and R. Nagatani (Solazyme). [
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Reduced Drilling Days and Low Friction Factors Hallmark Eagle Ford Water-Based Fluid Performance
Ian Everhard, Steven Willis, Mario Villalobos, Dennis Clapper and Hatem Aly Salem (Baker Hughes).
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General Session

Automated Vision Based Particle Analysis
Thomas Canty and Justin Hallbach (Canty).
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Extending API-Grade Barite
James Stark, John Lee, Christine Nguyen, Ahmadi Tehrani and Steve Young (M-I SWACO).
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Application of Real-Time Solids Monitoring in Well Design, Annulus Pressure Control and Managed Pressure Drilling
Feifei Zhang, Stefan Miska, Mengjiao Yu, Evren Ozbayoglu and Nicholas Takach (University of Tulsa).
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Drilling Fluids - IE

Enhanced Fluid Viscosity Using Novel Surfactant Chemistry Purposely Designed for Low-Aromatic Mineral and Synthetic Base Fluids -
Jorge Fernandez, Kip Sharp and Dan Plummer (Sasol).
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Gellant for Oil-Based Drilling Fluid Behind Casing
Matthew Miller, Sandeep Kulkarni, Donnie King and Rob Valenziano (Halliburton).
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Impact of Gas Solubility on Kick Detection in N-Paraffin Based Drilling Fluids
Leandro Galves (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Roni Gandelman and André Martin (Petrobras).
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Novel Oil Based Mud Additive Decreases HTHP Fluid Loss And Enhances Stability
Preston Alford, D. Anderson, M. Bishop, D. Goldwood, C. Stouffer and E. Watson (Drilling Specialties), M. Karonka and R. Moore (Anchor).
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Cementing Integrity

Impact of Physical and Chemical Mud Contamination on Wellbore Cement-Formation Shear Bond Strength
Arome Oyibo and Mileva Radonjic (Louisiana State University).
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How Cement Operations Affect Your Cement Sheath Short and Long Term Integrity –
Benjamin Weideman and Runar Nygaard (Missouri University of Science and Tech).
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Cement Compressive Strength Development Drastically Affected by Testing Procedure
Joseph Huwel, Faustino Villarreal and Russel Roberts (Crest Pumping Technologies).
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Engineered Solid Package Enables Lifting Cement in the Permian Basin
R. Diarra, J. Carrasquilla, S. Shwayat (Schlumberger) and Roy De Napoli (Apache).
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Lost Cirulation

Modelling Suspension of Lost Circulation Materials in a Drilling Fluid
Sandeep Kulkarni, Kushabhau Teke, Sharath Savari, Dale Jamison and Donald Whitfill (Halliburton).
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Review of Lost Circulation Materials and Treatments with an Updated Classification
Mortadha Alsaba and Runar Nygaard (Missouri Univ of Sci & Tech), Geir Hareland (Oklahoma State University) and Oscar Contreras (University of Calgary).
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Efforts To Control Fluid Losses In Offshore Drilling
Alex Waldmann, V. de Lima, E. Souza, A. D´Almeida, G. Teixeira and A. Geraci (Petrobras), S. Magalhães, O. Neto, C. Scheid and L. Calçada (UFRuralRJ)
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A Study on Geometry Non-Configurations of a Commercial Desilter
Curt Panisset and André Martins (Petrobras), Marcos Barrozo and Carlos Ataíde (Federal University of Uberlândia).
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Drilling Fluids - Sag

A Quantitative Study of the Combined Effect of Drilling Parameters on Dynamic Barite Sag in Oil- Based Drilling Fluids
Tan Nguyen (New Mexico Tech), Stefan Miska (Univ of Tulsa), Arild Saasen (Det
Norske) and Jason Maxey (Halliburton).
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“Improvised” Barite Sag Analysis for Better Drilling- Fluid Planning in Extreme Drilling Environments
Sandeep Kulkarni, Sharath Savari, Robert Murphy, Terry
Hemphill and Dale Jamison (Halliburton).
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Drilling Fluid Storage and Transfer Methods at Perdido
Rivers Fike and Daniel Gerber (Shell).
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Detection and Prevention of Drilling Problems through Real-Time Modeling
Bill Chmela, Nick Gibson, Egill Abrahamsen and Hamayun Raja (Sekal)
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Drilling Fluid Skills and Competencies
Mario Zamora and Sanjit Roy (M-I SWACO)
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Supporting Drilling Gains with More Informed Fluids Experts
Clint Galliano, A. Porter, and J. Miller (Halliburton).
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Completion Fluids

Thermal Stability Enhancement of Organic Oxygen Scavengers
Pubudu Gamage and Jay Deville (Halliburton)
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Field Trial Evaluation on a Hydrocarbon-Free Friction Reducer
Allan Ye, Chris Pierce, Marlon Mckoy and Jason Maxey (Halliburton)
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Rheological Performance of Polymers in Heavy Brines for Workover and Completion
Vineet Sinha and Subhash Shah (University of Oklahoma
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Fracturing Fluids

Novel Low-Residue High Brine Fracturing Fluid
Loan Vo, Bradley Sparks, Christopher Parton, Janette Cortez, and Tanner Green (Halliburton)
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Proppant Suspension in Acid Emulsions for Well Stimulation
Jason Maxey and Y.T. Hu (Halliburton)
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Coating of Fracture Faces and Proppant to Enhance and Maintain Well Productivity
P. Nguyen, L. Vo, and J. Ogle (Halliburton)
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Characterizing the Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Modified with Nano Silica Propannt
Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan and Ahmed Mohammed (University of Houston), Qi Qu (Baker Hughes)
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Cementing II

Is the Wellbore Prepared "Enough" for Cementing? Finding Answers Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Venkata Palla, P. Sairam and Abhimanyu Deshpande (Halliburton)
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Cement Evaluation Using Slickline Distributed Temperature Measurements
R. Diarra, J. Carrasquilla, Y. Gonzalez, A. Friese, S. Severance, and Jim Lin (Schlumberger)
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Novel Cohesive Cement Sealant System
Kyle Combs, Larry Watters, Fred Sabins, and Eric Evans (CSI Technologies)
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Evaluating Foamed Cement Slurry Stability in Laboratory Measurement
Gunnar De Bruijn, Mohammed Dooply, Alejandro Mendiola, Alex Ahrenst and Ryan Cammarata (Schlumberger)
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Drilling Fluids II

Potassium Formate / Manganese Tetraoxide Fluid for Ultra HPHT Drilling
Mohamed Al-Bugoury and Christopher Steele (Elkem)
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Transport of Soluble Drilled Cuttings
Fabio Silva (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Luiz Calcada (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro), Andr Martins (Petrobras)
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Specialized Fluid Design Increases Drilling Efficiency in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Brian Hosford and William Halliday (Baker Hughes)
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Hydraulics & Rheology

Enchancing Rheology in Invert Emulsion Fluids: Application of the Concept of Synergism in Chemicals
Dhanashree Kulkarni, Sandeep Kulkarni, Sharath Savari, Shadaab Maghrabi and Vikrant Wagle (Halliburton)
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The HP/HT Rheology Evaluation of Spacers
Vivek Goel, Ron Morgan, and Thomas Sodhi (Halliburton)
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Experimental Determination of Particle Sedimentation Velocity in Opaque Drilling Fluids
Luila Saidler and Bruno Loureiro (UCL), Andre Martins (Petrobras)
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Case Histories

A Comprehensive Approach for Drilling and Completion to Improve Production in a Shallow, Offshore Well in Indonesia
Alexandra Morrison, Robin Stewart, Eric Davidson, and Puguh Saksono (Halliburton) Miazzy Maharanoe and Reinhard Panjaitan (Total)
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Optimized High-Performance Water-Based Mud Successfully Drilled Challenging Sticky Shales in a Stratgraphic Well in Saudia Arabia
Adel Al-Ansari, Ismaeel Musa, Abdullah Abahusain and T. Olivares (Saudi Aramco) Moustafa El-Bialy and Shadaab Maghrabi (Halliburton)
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Off-Bottom Plug and Abandonment Operations in Deepwater Caribbean: Challenges and Solutions
Nadish Gupta, Martijn Bogaerts and Umar Arshad (Schlumberger)
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