• To recognize key individuals who have contributed to advancing our understanding and knowledge of drilling, completion, cementing, and fracturing fluids

  • To share their accomplishments with the industry in order that they not be forgotten

  • To elevate our image as an important part of the oil and gas industry by highlighting contributions of our distinguished men and women


2018 Honorees

Ayers.jpgRobert C. Ayers, Jr - For his leadership and individual efforts that helped the industry avoid NPDES Permit regulations banning the discharge of water-based drilling fluids.

beirute.jpgRobert M. Beirute - For his notable contributions to cementing technology, including research on job design and execution, failure analysis, QA/QC, testing standards and advanced seminars

bland.jpgRonald G. Bland - For his development of high-performance drilling fluids for use in extreme environments and collaborative laboratory studies on the impact of drilling fluids on PDC bit performance.

growcock.jpgFredrick B. Growcock - For his significant contributions to the characterization and development of drilling and fracturing fluids, including novel formulations, test methods, and cuttings processing technology.

schmidt.jpgDonald D. Schmidt - For his active promotion of drilling fluids as a science, use of lab technologies to monitor and understand drilling fluid behavior and distinguished API leadership.

smith.jpgDwight K. Smith - For his dedication to the advancement of cementing technology and his landmark books on cementing, well plugging and abandonment, and the Halliburton story.


2016 Honorees


Claude E Cooke, Jr. - For his many contributions to cementing technology and pioneering development of hydraulic fracturing fluids including the invention of ceramic proppants


Kelly B. Fox - For his pioneering work on synthetic polymers for brine viscosification and friction reduction in coil tubing and fracturing fluids


Arvind D. Patel - For his extensive research into shale inhibition, pioneering use of amines in clay control along with innovations in reversible invert imulsion drilling fluids


Stephen C. Polnaszek - For his field application of water-based environmentally friendly drilling fluids encompassing shale stability, horizontal and HTHP application and admirable leadership of  APi committee SC13


Ronald E. Sweatman - For his significant contribution to the advancement of cementing and other well services through patented technologies and numerous publications


Mario Zamora - For his pioneering work in hydraulic and rehology, barite sag and software development and his leadership role in the fluids industry


2014 Honorees


Syed A. Ali - For his significant contributions to the advancement of completion fluids technology 


Thomas S. Carter - For his application of drilling fluids technologies to achieve quality wellbores in critical wells


James D. Fann (1913-2002) - For his pioneering contributions to the development of equipment for measuring fluid properties


Erle P. Halliburton (1892-1957) - For his pioneering developments in cementing technology


John Kelly, Jr. (1924-2013) - For his significant contributions to the technology of oil- based drilling fluids


Benjamin K. Stroud (1882-1950) - For his pioneering developments of weighting agents for controlling downhole pressures


2012 Honorees


Thomas E Cox - For his contributions to oilfield corrosion control and the safe testing of drilling fluids at the wellsite and in the laboratory 


Fred E. Dupriest - For his application of drilling fluids technologies to achieve quality wellbores in critical wells


James L. Lummus - For his significant contributions to drilling fluids technology, lost circulation, and drilling optimization


Warren C. McMordie, Jr. - For his pioneering work to improve the industry’s understanding of temperature and pressure effects on the density and viscosity of drilling fluids


Cheryl L. Stark - For her significant contributions to drilling fluids standardization and advancements in environmentally acceptable drilling fluids


Donald L. Whitfill - For his outstanding contributions to drilling fluids technology, lost circulation, and wellbore stability


2010 Honorees


Max R. Annis - For his contributions to drilling fluids technology, their performace under extreme conditions and their impact of the environment


Leroy L. Carney - For his research and devlopment of high-performance drilling fluids and fundamental work on complex chemical interactions


Jack C. Estes - For his accomplishments in optimized drilling,drilling fluids technology and standardization


Preston L. Moore - For dedication to drilling engineering education and to the drilling man on the rig


George S. Ormsby (1919-2011) - For his fundamental work on mechanical solids separation, hydraulics, and downhole pressure analyses of drilling fluids


William A. Rehm - For his contributions to directional-drilling operations and to the understanding of wellbore pressures


J. George Savins - For his development of the V-G meter and his contributions to the understanding of the rheology of complex fluids


2008 Honorees